Philip Viljoen

Author, Coach & Software Instructor

I have been an Internet entrepreneur for the last 20 years, with my partner and wife, Jacqui.. My main focus is on Self Improvement, YouTube Video Marketing and the Embroidery Software Training.

Things I do and enjoy

  1. involved in PHP programming and web development
  2. providing training in the embroidery software and digitizing industry
  3. develop sport membership sites ( more Hunting and shooting sites).

Outside of work I am a published author on Amazon Kindle and Createspace. I enjoy my bush trips at least twice per year to clear my head.

I am also co-hosting some course with my partner and wife Jacqui Viljoen who is the instructor on the Bernina Software Series

My passion is sharing what I know with others and helping them to succeed as well.

I started earning a monthly income on Udemy in December of 2014

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