Philip Snow

Founder, New Living non-profit, creating a more loving world

Hello there! I'm on a life-long mission to help create a more loving world. I started in 1957 at the age of 12 and, considering I'm now 70 years old, you can see it's life-long! At age 12, I could see that people weren't loving, or caring about, other people as much as I thought they should, and I said to myself, "I'm going to spend the rest of my life sorting this out!" Quite an ambition for a 12-year old! And here I am, still working at it, and greatly helped by the worldwide Internet and especially by this wonderful online learning platform, Udemy, with millions of students to inspire to love more!

In 2004 I launched a non-profit organization called New Living, based in Staffordshire, England, with a mission for "creating a more loving world to help us through to a Golden Age" (and I do believe it's time for that!). And in 2011 I became a board member of another non-profit called The Love Foundation, based in Florida, U.S., with a mission "to inspire people to love unconditionally".

In the nearly 60-year span since the time I first started my life-long mission, I have been mainly "in service". In 1963 I started my career in hotel and catering management which lasted until 1985. In 1980 I joined a large community practicing Transcendental Meditation "Yogic Flying" to see whether their claims to create World Peace would stand up (which they do). And in 1990, I joined an alternative/complementary therapy partnership whose mission was "to create unity within and between groups around the world".

In 1991, I moved back home to look after my elderly mother after father had just died, and that mission of love took me through to 2004. During that, I did various things from the kitchen table, including running a 2000+ member classic car club which I thought I might be able to develop into a unified group - I couldn't! After my mother died, for 4 years I was executive chairman of an older people's campaigning organization with over 500 members, working to champion older people's best interests.

Throughout the time since 1975, I have been searching for life's great answers, so it was mainly a spiritual path, and I became convinced that what was needed in the world was an upward shift in consciousness towards a more unified, loving world; and, despite my years with the meditation community, I felt the way to do this, which most people would more easily relate to, would be to encourage people to love more. Hence my work with New Living, hence my work with The Love Foundation.

And hence, after all that, here I am on Udemy! I do know where the action is!

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