Peter Janzen

Physicist, Music Pedagogue

Peter Janzen is Doctor in Physics (Univ. of Cologne, Germany) and Music-Pedagogue (Univ. of Siegen Germany).

After years working as university scientist he changed his area of activities and became Physics- and Music-Teacher in Germany and in Spain. He lived eight years in Mexico as principal of a big International School. Later he went to Cairo, Egypt as School Coordinator for the German Schools in Middle East.

The imparting of his knowledge has always been one of his main aims - in physics as well as in music.

The musical philosophy of Dr. Janzen, packed in three sentences, is: "Music forms the essence of life, for everybody – that´s a culture independent reality. But this musical essence of life will emerge and come to real bloom only, when you practice improvisation: Singing, dancing, playing improvised music will really free your mind and will unfold your musicality."

Today many persons in different parts of the world remember how they learned from him, practicing North American Minimal Music, German Folksongs, Indian Ragas, Top Twenty Pop Songs, and many other music styles. They began with him, without having had a previous musical education. Some of them are now successful musicians. Many of them practice music privately.

Now Dr. Janzen is Senior Consultant in Culture and Education and has begun to produce didactical videos about his areas of expertise.

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