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Helping you make your life more the way you want

As a coach, or as some suggest a job doctor, what I love doing is helping people find their passion - helping you work out who you are, what you love and importantly how you can start living more the way they want. This can mean finding your ideal job, living more out of a sense of purpose, finding new direction after a life change and much more. 

Here’s a typical thread:

In 2014, I created a programme called “Finding your Ideal Job”. Having run it 3 times as a locally advertised small group over 10 evenings, I wanted to pilot it to a wider market. This became a 2 Saturday morning programme for a “tech” recruitment organisation in East London. This led to being asked to speak at a conference for young film directors on confidence, followed by what was described as “speed coaching” - 30 minute sessions to help people refocus their lives. One of these speed coaching sessions resulted later in a call requesting phone coaching for their partner. Whilst discussing that, the partner explained how the speed coaching had triggered a joint piece of film based work for a competition, and by the second call, the news that they had won it.

My website has testimonials from a range of people, describing the changes they made as a result of the programme. The consistent feedback I get is that people get a totally new take on who they are, on their strengths and values and on what their life experience up to now means for them. From this people can start seeing where they really want to go, and can feel the confidence to start the journey towards it. This can be "big career change" towards their ideal job or business, or for some it can be seeing their real strengths in a new way that means they can see their current job completely differently, and find new satisfaction in it. And for one, it involved renting out their flat and going to India to teach English to children in a Delhi slum. Knowing who you are and what you love means you can start making great life and career decisions.

I love creating programmes that support people in making the changes they know they want, but which up to that point either they didn’t understand or didn’t think was possible. And I love working with people either one on one or in groups to help them realise what they really could do with their lives.

This starts with purpose, but goes deeper into values, beliefs, strengths and our life experience. Living on Purpose starts the process, and my bigger programme, Redesign Your Life takes it to the the next level.

What I do is based on far too many years of real life experience! This has been as a teacher, a company trainer and senior manager in a Financial Services organisation, mixed in with over 17 years running my own coaching business including 7 years running 20 day NLP based personal development programmes. I mix paid and unpaid work, founding and running the Putney Job Club since 2013, a volunteer-led initiative helping unemployed individuals get back into work, through tailored coaching and advice on a weekly basis.

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