Peter Gunardi

Business Analyst, Data Science, Software Developer

My name is Peter Gunardi and I am very excited that you are reading this!

Professionally, I am a Business Analyst for a  Fortune 500 company specializing in logistics, transportation, services, and financial industry. I am also a consultant for over ten years in web development, media production, and photography.

I utilized data analytics, trending and forecasting to drive business strategy, improve processes, improve customer experience,  reduce waste and add value to the bottom line.

One of my passion is to share what I've learned through my professional life, using an actual corporate challenge the current market is facing. From my course you will notice how I break down a complex business problem to a step by step actionable solutions.

I am hoping through my course it will give you the skill needed to improve your career.

Learning a new skill doesn't have to be difficult and I believe that I have the ability to support you in the journey. I want you to be confident that I can deliver the best training there is.

In the other side of my other life, I enjoy spending time with my three kids, which by the way is helping me to sharpen my skills to teach in a clear and simple manner. I like to try something new, from buying a new gadget and tinkering with it, to trying out a new restaurant. I like to spend my time exploring something new every day. It helps me to have an open minded personality, which is very crucial in a current fast changing world.

In conclusion, I am absolutely passionate about what I am doing every day and looking forward to share my passion and knowledge with you.

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