Peter Bloecker

Language Teacher

Born in 1949 north of Hamburg, Germany, I have worked as a teacher of English and German for more than 35 years and lived in Kiel, Berlin, Windhoek (Namibia) and Brisbane (QLD, Australia) and last not least in a small town between Hamburg and Berlin until mid 2012. Over the last few years I have published blogs which focus on life skills for adult learners and young students from 18 years on. My blogs are related to education and autonomous learning beyond the classroom. It is my intention to help students training themselves in thinking clearly, writing regularly and improving general life and learning skills to become successful and happy people.

I love reading myself, not only printed literature (books), but also digital publications. My first course on UDEMY is "Master your German" online - which I believe is a masterplan of learning German, my mothertongue. I base my course on an adult learning concept which I introduce in the beginning.

The target group of my course are advanced students of German worldwide - especially young teachers of German.

My experience as the "German Language Adviser for QLD, Australia" (7 years) allows me to draw on many face to face and hands on experience plus feedback from the QLD teachers of Australia. I was a member of the Goethe - Institut Team in Australia.

My sincere thank you to all my students and clients for their valued feedback between 1998 and 2005.


Peter H Bloecker

Burleigh Waters, QLD

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