Mr. Jay Xiong


I am the author of the Hmong Dictionary called "Lus Hmoob Txhais" as well as the book called "Learn Hmong the Jay Way." I am not a linguist nor have extensively education in that area; however, I have an unyielding passion to preserve and improve the Hmong language. Like I said, "Knowing another language is like knowing another cooking recipe." I am also the owner and creator of the Hmongdictionary [.] com where I have provided online translation, from Hmong to English, to many people around the world since 2005. 

I was also one of the key contributors to the Microsoft Translator project back in 2011 where I provided my dictionary for the initial database creation of their Hmong to English translation. 

I had taught many Hmong classes as well as provided presentations about the Hmong people, culture and their language in the past. I also provide translation to a few professional translation services online.

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