Paul Aiken

International Fitness Photographer for over 17 years.

Hello my friends, Welcome to my course, my name is Paul. Born and raised in the Caribbean in the the Cayman Islands I am currently greeting you from the hot climate of Dubai. UAE. I have been an entrepreneur and avid photographer for over 3 decades however I started photography full time a little over 10 years ago.  My love of fitness started at age 12 and when I started my first health club business at 18 and becoming a bodybuilding judge at 26 My fascination with the human form led me to the camera and the rest was history. I am now considered one of the top fitness photographers in the Middle East and Asia and have shot more than 250 different athletes, including, Bollywood stars, cricket players, football players, Yogis, Crossfit athletes, bodybuilders and just people who wanted to document themselves. My commercial clients are multinationals, supplement companies, clothing brands,  gyms and health clubs, to the small personal fitness professionals. With the  very little spare time I do get, I enjoy teaching small private workshops and working out and traveling. 

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