Patrick Sherratt

Author, Speaker and Trainer (MEd, BA Psych)

Patrick Sherratt works as an author, speaker and trainer offering a specialized knowledge in personal leadership, learning, and exam preparation.

Since 2004, Patrick’s work has become highly sought after. He presents this information in seminars to thousands of students, teachers and parents across the Asia Pacific region every year and he has been a guest presenter at many international educational conferences including the New Zealand Association of Deputy and Assistant Principals Conference (2011), the Australian Council for Educational Leaders Conference(2012) and the International Conference on Thinking (2013).

His best-selling e-book and CD, How to Pass Exams (, and Passing Exams for Dummies ( and ), have helped thousands of students improve their exam preparation. His multi-media resources for teachers, Inform Mentoring Kit, uses video clips to present academic, pastoral and career information to secondary students in class. go to distributors / Innervate Education.

Patrick is recognized as an expert in this field and has been interviewed many times in newspapers, radio and television. For more information about Patrick’s work, please visit and

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