Patrick O'Malley

Guitar Instructor

My name is Patrick O’Malley. I have been giving guitar lessons for over 15 years and about ten years ago, I started teaching all my new students to fingerpick from lesson one. I noticed that the students who started this way almost always stuck with the instrument and kept returning for more lessons. I also noticed that they were far more musical and creative from an early stage, in comparison to students who began with chords, scales and theory. I still meet and play with many of them to this very day.

Believe it or not, I was very good at maths when I was younger and to make extra money I would give maths lessons to kids (teenagers) when I was in college. I always noticed one thing about maths - wherever anyone was stuck, they were always missing a key building block that was necessary. In my guitar teaching, I have over the years observed what common building blocks students are missing to understand what is required to play guitar and indeed fingerpicking, so I’m confident that the way everything is presented here is going to give students what they need to get competent and hopefully continue learning far beyond that.

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