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Providing Considerate and Effective Course Contents

We believe the most important mission of an online course is far more than just teaching knowledge.

Concept definitions and common Q&As can be easily found from the internet for free.

So what is the point of paying for online courses? Or what kinds of online courses are worth paying for?

1. Complete:

You should learn everything you need so that you can create a program that can be used in real life. You should know enough to guarantee that your program is efficient and safe.

The purpose of paying for an online course is to be able to develop useful program, not just to have a rough idea of how a program works.  

2. Considerate

We understand and, most importantly, acknowledge that you have other things going on in your life and therefore can only partly devote to your study.

Therefore, everything complicated program will be divided into small segments. We will teach you each segment step by step.

In the end, we will put every segment together and create a complete APP. But before we do that, we will first arrange a review for you.

Every course we develop will be equipped with lots of review videos. We believe the time spent on reviewing old knowledge is definitely worth it. 

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