Omar Brown

Chief Trade Analyst for Forex, Stocks, Index and Commodity

I began my career as an administrator at the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Jamaica in 2006 but soon discovered the online foreign exchange market with which I fell in love with and started trading my personal funds earning consistent profit month after months.

The initial years of trading the Global Market were not easy, I suffered loses as I was trading with too many emotions but I never gave up because I saw the power of the market and knew that I could make money. I started researching simple techniques as the ones that I was using were complicated. One day I came across a video which emphasized on simple rules when trading using minimal indicators. I started applying these rules in my trading strategy and started seeing results; all the doubts I had before while trading were no more. Using these simple techniques I made over 300% profit in my account on January 15, 2015.

After gaining over 9 years of experience in trading these simple techniques successfully, I felt that it would only be right to share with you my hiccups and to teach you the strategies that have made me successful in trading.

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