Nneka Ikeogu

Child Psychologist

Hi, I'm Nneka and I'm a Child Psychologist with a Master's degree and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. I have over 10 years of expericence working with children, teachers and parents and along with Claire I am a director at Mellownest. We run workshops, write blog posts and create online courses such as this one for parents who are curious about how their children develop, why they do the things they do and how best to support their children's development.

After qualifying as a psychologist I completed further training specialising in parent-child relationships and I realised how much I enjoy working with parents in helping them to understand more about their children from a child development and psychological perspective.

I love learning (and talking!) about anything and everything to do with psychology and child development and I especially enjoy sharing this knowledge with others in a way that makes it easy to understand. 

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