Nikolaos Mplantzas

Internet Marketing - Web Developer

My world is the internet and online marketing,I have evolved with the online world as a web developer and app developer for ios devices.I've developed a lot of sites and apps for my clients.

Last year i start to work as a freelancer and also start making online income from fiverr and other online activities.I love working with people as much as I do with code, and I love my job so much that I think everyone should learn how to code.My best qualities include being a creative thinker, a team player and hard worker.I like the idea to teach others to do what i love and improve others life and income.

I’m always seeking new technical skills and new solutions and ways for online income from home.I’m very excited by technological innovation as well as pushing the boundaries of everything I do in order to be the best I can. I’m always setting new goals, professionally and personally, whether that’s adding to my web design skills, learning something new, instilling a new healthy habit, or otherwise increasing my personal effectiveness.I try to separate myself from the herd to the best of my ability. Not only do I try to think diferently when creating products, I also pride myself in going twenty steps further than the next person to provide fantastic support.

I try to fully integrate my skills with my interests, and my dreams with my everyday actions.

I’m always available to answer your questions.

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