Neeraj Srivastava

Co-Founder of San Francisco Stock Exchange & DLT Labs

Blockchain Architect and Advisor powered with broad-based experience in Payment Domain. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and Ethereum Developer. He also holds certification in Project Management (PMP) & ITIL. In past he has hold various position at R3, RBC Royal Bank and ScotiaBank. 

He has designed & managed various big innovative Blockchain initiatives around the world which are capable of disrupting existing financial system. Currently he is Founder / BlockChain Architect at DLT Labs and Chief  Architect at San Francisco Stock Exchange where he is building probably world's first distributed stock exchange for small market business and startup on Ethereum. 

Unlike others, he does not work in Blockchain space during his free-time only, but he was one of the first to completely dedicate his career towards the growth and development of Blockchain Application. He is also a recognized speaker on various Blockchain and DLT systems.

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