Nathaniel Garrett

Entrepreneur, Online Teacher, Certified Bookkeeper

Nathaniel Garrett is an online teacher with a passion for seeing others succeed. He creates and designs courses for the modern entrepreneur. His goal is to provide entrepreneurs with tips and guidance on their journey toward financial freedom.

Along with being an entrepreneur, he has been teaching students and business owners the power of accounting for over 5 years now. He runs Accounting University, an online classroom where he helps college accounting students pass their accounting classes.

He is a business consultant, certified bookkeeper, and a successful online teacher. Nathaniel holds his bachelor's in Accounting from Texas State University. With his knowledge of Inbound Marketing, he knows exactly what you are looking for in a course. No fluff. Just the Essentials.

He lives in Austin TX where he enjoys live music, playing racquetball and tennis, and riding bikes around his neighborhood in Hyde Park.

Nathaniel loves to answer questions and thrives on student’s success. He believes life is about forming relationships. Feel free to contact him at any time. He would love to hear from you!

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