Nadine Bekkouche

Instructor & Psychological Researcher

Nadine Bekkouche holds a MSc in Medical Psychology. She has published a number of papers and reference texts in the fields of psychology, behavioral research and health. Nadine's passion is providing a psychological framework for understanding the world around us. She uses this expertise in particular to teach effective academic writing and research statistics, as well as to provide courses on lifestyle, learning and health, in person and online.

Nadine is the founder of NBE Education, an education thought center, with the mission of re-infusing education with the inpirational, human touch that is central to growth in both young and old. NBE Education publishes several works that are in line with this mission, such as Poetry Saves Lives, a collection of poetic works inspired by ancient wisdom traditions of teaching through lyrics, and the Shmootown (TM) series, which promote social and emotional learning for children through books.

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