Murice Damion Miller

The Best Education for Practical Living

In short, I love God, my family (wife, children, and relatives), love my friends, and I love people in general.

Seems odd right, I love everyone. Yes, I was blessed to be raised by a praying mother who loves people, even those who have treated her badly. I seek to share that love with my wife, my sons, and others as well.

Part of that love is helping others avoid and or get out of debt. I am working on that aspect for myself also, specifically student loans, by venturing into entrepreneurship. My master plan is already in place. I have created a magazine that was years in planning, Edensplan, and this course is a key part of it as well. I am inviting you to join me as I show you step by step how I created countless graphical designs from business cards, to brochures, to wedding invitations.

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