Mourad Kattan

Kattan Test Prep, Inc.

Mourad Kattan is the founder and president of Kattan Test Prep, Inc., a Brooklyn-based tutoring service that helps hundreds of students each year succeed in standardized exams. The key to our success is our step-by-step breakdown of complex concepts. We understand how students process and and retain information and design our lessons around our expertise of student comprehension. Through our video-sets, students around the world will see for themselves how the Kattan Test Prep methodology gets superior results.

Mourad Kattan is currently a senior at The Wharton Business School studying Finance and Real Estate. He started tutoring in his senior year at high school when his best friend, Dennis, needed to pass his exams to get back onto the basketball team. After grueling study-sessions and late nights, Dennis passed his exams and led to the team the championship. Since then, Mourad has been able to help hundreds of students like Dennis succeed in standardized testing.

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