Mohamed Kamal

SiriusXM Producer, House Music Head, Entrepreneur

I co-founded Audyolab is a music production apprenticeship program on steroids. We organize intensive workshops covering many facets of modern music production technology and entrepreneurship. We focus on hands-on learning over old-school lectures. From day one, you'll dig in and start producing music. It's the only way to learn. Attendees will participate in seminars, attend sessions and workshops in downtown Washington DC.

Our Vision

Learning music production alone is an arduous and lonely journey, and music technology is a constantly evolving discipline. Self-learning brings mistakes and breeds mediocrity. Audyolab aims to improve the rate of producer success by providing high-potential talent with expert training, critical objective feedback, and peer support in the early stages of building his/her production career.

Our Formula

Great People + Expert Training + Aligned Incentives = Exponentially Better Chance of Success

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