Min Liu is the author of the books "The King's Mindset: Twenty Mindsets To Transform Ordinary Men Into Kings", "On: The Introvert's Guide To Turning It On", "Verbal Self Defense 101", "People Games: The Ten Most Common Power Plays and Mind Games People Play", and "The New Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument in Today's World".

He is also the author of the online courses "Verbal Self Defense for the Socially Intelligent" and "Verbal Domination", a course on the offensive use of verbal skills.

Based in San Francisco, CA, his mission is to help people not only improve, but become EXCEPTIONAL at verbal, communication, social, and people skills in as little time as possible. Everything he knows about these things, he learned from his many different lives as an instructor at UC Berkeley, a nightclub promoter, a corporate and securities lawyer, and most importantly, as an observer of self, people, and life.

He's especially aroused by basketball, meditation, reading books on psychology and inspirational people, people who are value givers, and most of all, constantly breaking out of his comfort zone and helping others break out of theirs. On the other hand, he absolutely cannot stand mediocrity, lazy thinking, and wearing sweaters.

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