Mike Roy

Artist, Creative Coach, and Founder of Artist Myth

Mike Roy has been a creative thinker and professional artist for more than twenty years.

In that time, he has worked on a cornucopia of creative projects, including print design, instructional software, tee shirts, paintings, logos, music videos, commercials, feature films, virtual reality projects, and special venue videos for stadium boards and custom Times Square installations.

Some of the many artsy hats he has worn have been graphic designer, t-shirt designer, musician, logo artist, instructional designer, web developer, visual effects artist, and writer.

More recently, his love for creative projects has undergone a transition to teaching, coaching, and writing, with the goal of helping enrich the lives of other creatives. His main vehicle for this is his blog at Artist Myth, where he teaches creatives how to get past the barriers that stand between them and the art they love to do.

In addition to his current duties as self-proclaimed creative mythbuster, he works at a major creative studio full time, and also is a devoted husband and dad of two amazing kids.

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