Michael Coleman

Business Owner, Currency Trader, Author, Instructor

I started my first online business in 1997 when the internet was fairly new. The product that I offered was an information manual that evolved into an ebook and membership website.

Over the years I have continued to build various income producing internet properties.

Stock Options, Forex & Instructing

In addition to my internet businesses I started trading stock options and later moved in to the currency market (forex) which I where I feel totally at home. I, like many people, spent countless hours learning and losing money because of gimmicky training. However, back in 2007 is when it all changed for me. My trading method popped in my mind and I started testing it and refining it - and it worked!

In 2008 I launched a forex training website where I taught this method to hundreds of people.

In 2012 I refined the method even more and it was easier to implement and more profitable. However, I did have a challenge teaching it unless the students were one on one students because of the various scenarios that could happen that I could not catch on video.

In 2014 things all changed and I refined the method just a little and everything changed. It was a extremely simple method that I could catch everything on video and then teach it to whoever wanted to learn this skill.

Now the concept (approach) is the same from back in 2007, I just tweaked the entry methods a bit. I did not want my method to be the next fly by night, gimmick approach and it is not.


In 2004 I was fortunate enough to have my first book published on the topic of what a person can do to make it financially if they where to lose their job.

My Hobbies

I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. We love to travel. I have also been able to fulfill one of my life long dreams of getting my pilot license.

The one thing I encourage everyone to do is, "just go for it!" Go for your dreams, don't live your life and grow old wishing you had tried something, or went somewhere. Just go for it! Find a way to just go for it!

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