Salesforce Instructor Mike Wheeler

6 Salesforce Certifications - Most Salesforce Certs on Udemy

Thank you for visiting my profile. I teach Salesforce because I am passionate about the platform and the awesome things you can build quickly. There is an extreme shortage of Salesforce talent in the job market, and I am creating Salesforce Certification and User courses so that you can get a good paying job in the cloud.

I have been building solutions on the Salesforce platform since 2008. Before discovering Salesforce, I worked as a Technical Writer, Trainer, and built blogs using Wordpress. Once I found Salesforce, I saw it as the quickest path to building world-class web and mobile applications for businesses and consumers. I've attained 6 Salesforce Certifications along the way: Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, and Salesforce Platform App Builder.

You can verify my certifications by going to and searching for my name. I highly encourage you to verify not only my certifications, but those of other instructors who have Salesforce related courses on Udemy. Many of the other instructors do not hold a single Salesforce Certification.

I am the founder of Mike Wheeler Media, LLC, where our mission is to Inspire, Equip and Train the masses on the Salesforce Platform. Feel free to connect with me through the various social profile links on my profile here. If you need Salesforce Development, Training or Consulting help, please either send me a message through Udemy or reach out to me however is easiest for you.

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