Mike Walton

Unified Communications Engineer

Mike has been working in the IT field since 2000 and has held many different roles in IT. Mike started out as a Help Desk employee working with end users to fix minor computer problems and to help teach new users different features and functionality of the hardware and software. After a couple years there he progressed to more of a Systems Administrator role where he was involved in implementing and maintaining network and server equipment with up to 25 servers and about 200 users. This include Microsoft Server operating systems as well as Cisco network gear. 

From there he moved on to be a Systems Administrator in charge of 300+ servers 400+ users and Network Administrator.

Mike has progressed in his career to involve working with a variety of hardware and software both on the server side and networking side. Mike has experience working with all current versions of Microsoft Windows (both server and desktop) up to 2012 R2 as well as Linux Operating Systems. He has experience working with a variety of storage solutions including, EMC, NetApp, and Dell. He has extensive experience with networking hardware including Cisco Switches, routers and servers, Dell Switches, and Kemp Load Balancers. Mike's current area of expertise is VoIP implementation and support.

Mike has always enjoyed sharing the knowledge and experience he has with others to help see them grow professionally and personally. He also enjoy putting together presentations to help different types of learners comprehend the material. Specifically using Video, Presentations, Audio, Quiz, Demos and Interactive Demos.

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