Michelle Wei

Secret Guides of learning chinese like a native speaker

I was born and raised in China, got my degree in Chinese teaching in shenzhen university in China, after graduation, i worked in Chinese training centers in three countries, for over 3 years, learning the techniques of how to teach Chinese and whats the best way of learning Chinese as a seond language. Then I went to california state university in long beach to pursue masters degree (MBA), while I was studying there, I made friends with a lot of students who were learning Chinese as a second language, I got my tutor job there, and did a lot of research about how to teach Chinese easily. My conclusion was, there is always an innovative way to learn a language, which is to follow the natural process of learning a language, just like how people learnt their mother language. After utilizing the new way of chinese teaching in my daily tutoring job, students are a lot happier when they learn the language, and they've made huge progresses in short period.

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