Mike Bryant

Certified AApproach Instructor

Hey everyone! :)

I'm a certified AApproach Vocal Instructor and the "M" in my singing group, DEM, alongside Dierre (Bolds) and Eric (Arceneaux).

If you're reading this, you're probably a vocal nerd like me, so I'll speak in those terms, lol. I'm a tenor, or more specifically, I'm on the cusp between a medium and high voice type.

I LOVE the mix voice! Lol. I'm most comfortable singing there, but I use all of my range as necessary. Lastly, I've been having fun with my lower range.

Favorite vocalists are: Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Daryl Coley, Jesse Campbell, and Tisha Campbell Martin.

Gah, there is so much to say...feel free to hit me up!


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