Michael Sutherland

Grad School Professor, Fortune 500 Executive, Truth Seeker

"...to he who is given much, much is expected..."

"...if your gift is teaching, then teach..."


ALL of us should have the same goal - to Live your BEST life!

Are you achieving your full potential? Physically? Financially? Spiritually?

Wasted potential is a sin - literally.

God expects us all to achieve our potential, in service to Him, which in reality is service to others. It's literally what we are designed to do.

Ironically, the selfish pursuit of happiness via self-gratification leads to disappointment and eventual destruction. BUT - the unselfish pursuit of utilization of our talents and interests in the service of others is how we find meaning, gratification, fulfillment, and yes - happiness.

Everyone has a skill and a desire. Matching them up with our life goals - our relationships, career and life priorities - is the path to personal happiness.

Many things block our ability to align our desires with our priorities. Perhaps it is fear, or a physical impairment, or debt, or pain. Most likely it is a misplaced understanding of the REAL priorities as mentioned above - a self imposed mental misunderstanding of the meaning of life and of our personal importance in the world.

Education, study, and self contemplation is the key.

This is why I study the philosophy of religion (specifically Christian Apologetics), personal training (keeping our bodies fit physically and mentally), and economics (personal finance). These big three enlighten and enable me (us!) to build a solid base of meaning and purpose, the physical ability to work out that place in the world, and the financial ability to have the time to pursue these objectives, and to practice giving to those in need (of our time, talent, and treasure).

After all, how can one fully attain their personal, God given potential if they don't see their unique and special place in the world, bathed in Love and Grace and Hope and Meaning? Or if they are unfit and poisoning their bodies, limiting their physical ability to do effective work? Or, if we are a slave to debt or to the wasted fruits of our labor?

When we have the proper focus, we are free to explore what talents and desires God has blessed us with, and fully pursue them, fulfilling our personal destinies. Whether a CEO leading a large corporation to create significant value for many, or a single mother struggling to raise her children the best she can to be strong adults in a challenging world, we all have a place and a purpose.

Are you fulfilling your place in the world and purpose in life?

We find all this out via a proper education - this is why I teach.

Mike leads a global organization in the business world, travels the world routinely, and has an MBA.

Upon completion of that degree, he decided to continue studies pursuing the 'ultimate questions' at Biola University in Los Angeles, accomplishing an MA in the Philosophy of Religion – Christian Apologetics.

He is the Director of Renew Your Mind Ministries, an instructor at the Lay Bible Institute, and an adjunct Professor at the local university. A two - time former elder at his church, Mike also teaches Kindergarten Children's Church as well as many adult Apologetics classes.

He has conducted numerous Apologetics Conferences and Pastor's retreats, focusing on the topics of Apologetics and Current Event Evangelism.

He teaches many who want to learn about his investment methods, personal finance classes, and mentors many young adults.


"...always give more than you take..."

"...teach a man to fish..."

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