Dr. Michael Rayel

Author. Psychiatrist. Entrepreneur

As a practicing psychiatrist for over 20 years, Dr. Rayel live and breathe emotions. He has dealt with them every day and seen how unmanaged emotions impact people’s lives. Having honed and used emotional and social skills in his practice, he has witnessed some remarkable transformations among individuals and their families.

Moreover, he has seen the major role that emotions play in the workplace. As the site chief of a psychiatry department for many years, he has applied emotional intelligence in leading a group and in handling many emotional and interpersonal issues among coworkers. 

As an entrepreneur, he has successfully used emotional intelligence in his businesses and has been its avid advocate. In fact a few years ago, he created the award-winning and well-received Oikos Game Series, an emotional and social skills games. To help educate the public about emotional intelligence, he offered EQ Webinars for personal and career success for a few years. Such web lectures were eventually incorporated into his recently-launched emotional intelligence coaching. 


EQ Webinar Series

A 31-Day Series

Shrink’s First Aid Tips Series

Psychiatry Certification Examination Review Series

Psychopharmacology Review Series

First Aid Tips Lecture Series (Upcoming)


Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in general psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor, Discipline of Psychiatry, MUN

Site Chief, Department of Psychiatry 


Owner and founder of small businesses

Inventor of emotional and social skills games (e.g. Oikos Game Series, Actus Tale, etc.)

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