Michael Ballard

Drift, Dream, Drown or Decide & Do!

Michael Ballard has presented to audiences and consulted with groups from Bermuda to Singapore and coast to coast to coast in North America as an internationally renowned speaker. Thousands of people have deepened their personal and professional ability to thrive using the process and skills he teaches. In the process they've learned how to deal with life's BIG Stuff issues based on the expertise Michael enjoys sharing on resilience. He hopes you will, too!

Michael has appeared in close to 150 media interviews across North America on resiliency. He has also executive produced and hosted over 24 video interviews on those impacted by life’s BIGStuff events.

Michael learned quite a bit about thriving using resilience while facing adversity during his 7 year battle with three challenges to his life while fighting cancer, multiple treatments, setbacks and victories. He enjoys upbeat, serious, silly and insightful conversations over coffee, puns, biking, hiking, photography and snorkelling. Oh and volunteering where he works at stretching his comfort zones.

Michael joined Udemy in 2014. In late 2014, one of his business clients called him up to discuss challenges personally and professionally in dealing with health and relationship issues and in the process encouraged him to start to make online video and audio based programming. 

Michael is very pleased and excited to know that  his programming is impacting  students in over 121 countries.

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