Michael Glasser

Online Instructor

In 1987 I started working toward my psychology degree in Las Vegas (UNLV). While doing so, I wanted a job which would pay well, be flexible around my college classes, and not require me to travel far from school. The college computer labs were looking for people who could help other students. I applied and, somehow, got the job. The lab had about 50 PCs, 50 Macs, and 20 machines that were neither - something called "UNIX". I was told it was my job to answer questions when people asked them - great, I had only one question: where was the "on" button? I had never used any of those computers before!

I know what it is like to struggle to learn a computer system.

Within two years I was teaching classes to high school students on weekends (through Upward Bound, a program for at-risk high school students) where I continued to teach for the next six years.

I also ran the three education labs at UNLV where I managed all of the hardware, software, and training needs.

After college I worked for a small non-profit organization as a system administrator; we developed a communication and information sharing system for over 200 schools and 100 United Way agencies. I did that for a few years until I moved to Tucson where I worked for Intuit (the folks who make Quicken and TurboTax). I started as a support representative and then became a trainer for the support folks and designed and maintained the internal training website.

Now in Prescott for several years, I have been working at an online college and other online universities teaching computer classes: everything from introductory classes, image editing software, web surfing, and web design. I have also managed the technology and taught at K-12 schools, both public and private, small businesses, and I work with many individuals where I help them to make the best of their computers and other technology.

I have a passion for teaching and thoroughly enjoy watching folks learn. When I teach, no matter the age of the student, I have never forgotten how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to learn how to use computers or learn a new program. It truly is like learning a new language and I try to teach with that in mind, using words and terminology that my students can understand and with examples that my students can relate.

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