Mehdi Haghgoo

App Developer and Teacher


My name is Mehdi and I am a professional mobile app developer with over 10 years of programming experience, and I believe with me you can have an exciting journey learning hands-on programming skills!
I have an academic degree in software engineering. Although I was not a very top-scoring student in college, it never meant you could not find me often reading a computer science book in the college library. I love learning and teaching about programming languages, computer concepts, hardware, and hacking (not the bad kind!).
I am accurate and careful as much as possible when teaching topics, to make it possible for students to learn the most complex concepts in the easiest way!

Also, I am a free software lover and advocate and open source believer!
When I am not developing apps, I can be found doing amateur electronic music production, cooking, or building Linux software!  

So, do you want to become a top-notch software developer? Sign up for one of my courses and let's do it! 

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