Matthew Tanoue

Applied Exercise Scientist, Master Trainer (CES, PES, cPT)

Matthew Tanoue graduated in Applied Exercise Science and is a Master Trainer who went on to achieve his specialties in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement. Matthew worked in multiple Physical Therapy clinics where he is also contracted as a Human Ergonomic Specialist.

Matthew's unconventional and strictly Research Based methods produce phenomenal results. In his years of experience, Matthew coached multiple clients to place State, National, and World Records in power lifting. 

Matthew Tanoue continues to pull from the latest research to develop the highest quality training programs which force the body to adapt. From sports performance and weight loss to injury prevention and pain management, the Research Based training approach continues to always prove successful.

"I hope to share my passion and knowledge with you. I am confident you will see the best Results in the least amount of time."

Matthew Tanoue CES, PES, cPT

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