Martina Desgouttes

Board Certified Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner

Hello, my name is Martina Desgouttes, I am a board certified nutrition and wellness practitioner with over ten years’ experience in health and wellness; author, lecturer, trainer, coach, and organic chef. My background includes nursing education, solid foundations in biology, human anatomy, and digestive health. I am also a certified researcher. Lifelong battles with health issues has led to the miraculous transformation of my life and health. My dedication to holistic health has resulted in reversed high blood pressure, acid reflux disease, vision loss, immune system disorder, digestive system disorder and obesity. I also happen to be gluten and lactose intolerant. Understanding my individual nutritional needs is essential to maintaining good health and digestive system balance. Since 70 or more percent of the immune system is based in the "gut" good nutrition is therefore the key to living healthier lifestyle.

I developed my courses as a teaching mechanism to educate and empower individuals to live healthier lives. I believe knowledge is power, and the use of knowledge is wisdom. Complete Bio

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