Martin Butler

Work From Home Owner

 HI, I am Martin Butler and I work at home with my wife Sharon and we have been producing printed products since 2005. We also teach 1-2-1 workshops in t shirt transfer printing and have produced tutorials for people wanting to get into this business.

We made many mistakes in the beginning and wasted lots of money and listened to every so-called expert on the subject but we soon realised that everybody does things their own way so we ended up finding our own way.

As a result of this, we gathered a wealth of knowledge by trying many different solutions and stuck with the ones that worked for us as beginners in this field. We know the mistakes that beginners can make by trying to cut corners so this is information we will pess onto you in our course.

If you want to get into the t shirt printing business and produce quality garments that won't crack, peel or fade, our course is for you.

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