Martin Bergljung

ECM and BPM Specialist, Book Author

I have been working with Alfresco for the past 10 years. I started out building an email integration for Alfresco, integrating Apache James, so my first experience with the product was a deep dive into coding a customisation. I then started doing consulting projects based on Alfresco and found out quite quickly that I really like the product. It is very open and allows you to build pretty much anything you can come up with (or your client can come up with!).

In 2011 I got the opportunity to write a book about Alfresco, which was a great experience as I really like to mentor, train, and educate people. I then did more consulting and got into bigger projects in the publishing space. During a couple of years I was also an instructor giving Alfresco classroom training courses. Then in 2014 I got the opportunity to write another book about Alfresco and specifically the CMIS standard that you can use to talk to the Alfresco content management system, again a great experience.

In 2015 I started working for Alfresco with all kinds of stuff, such as developing the Alfresco SDK, creating developer documentation, writing articles, talking at conferences, prototyping new features. What I really like to do is take what we develop internally at Alfresco and try and explain it in an easy and understandable way.    

I now, since March 2017, work as a full time Online Educator, specializing in ECM and BPM!

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