Mark Espanol

CEO at Code Midas| Incubator Alumni| Serial Entrepreneur|

Mark Espanol launched his career when he quit Finance and dove head first into the startup world when he was awarded $40,000 by Start Up Chile(100 accepted out of 1577 applications) to start a software company in Chile, South America. With his small team he started Art Circle, a “Netflix for Local Art" software company, but fell in love with Inbound Marketing.

He studied Inbound Marketing from SEO specialists, profitable bloggers, digital marketing agencies, and super internet entrepreneurs. While in Chile, he shared what he learned through marketing team consulting, and in-person marketing classes at the South American Incubator. He scaled his helping nature by teaching an online class on Content Marketing and has helped 900+ companies, bloggers, and internet entrepreneurs to date.

After graduating from Startup Chile, he returned to the U.S and consulted EdTech startups at LearnLaunch, an Ed Tech Incubator in the heart of Boston, with their Inbound campaigns and developed an in-depth understanding of Alumni Relations, Admissions, and the Tutoring Industry. Mark wanted to help more startups so he launched CODE MIDAS, an Inbound Marketing Agency for Startups.

In their “FUN" time Mark and his team launch ecommerce stores, software products, and is working their way to developing a clothing line.

Currently, Mark and his Co-founders are launching an Inbound Internship Development program to supplement the bootcamps he runs. His favorite food is the cheeseburger and he loves lifting weights, traveling, and music festivals. He is Inbound Marketing Certified, and HubSpot Certified.

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