Mark A Paulda

Travel Photographer, World Traveler and Best Selling Author

Mark Paulda is a curious minded Gentleman Wayfarer, and international travel photographer, who thrives on challenging everything he knows as a Westerner.  Having two best-selling books on the market, Mark's publisher, TCU Press, calls him an author, though he is unsure about that title.  "El Paso 120," Mark's latest book, was named one ot the Top Books of Texas for 2015, and he was a featured author at the Texas Book Festival.  There are a few more books in the "pipeline," as they say in the publishing world.


That said, Paulda has flown well over a million miles around the world - mostly with his camera.  He has walked over 120 miles with a Nomadic Berber Tribe in North Africa, co-hosted First Lady Laura Bush's visit to El Paso, was nominated for a Grammy for CD Cover Art (Recollections by Asia Featuring John Payne), discovered that Happiness is indeed a place in Bhutan, and is teaching a young Balinese man, Gede, the "art of photography" so Gede can tell the story of Bali from his perspective.  Oh!  And, London is one of Mark's most favourite cities (in addition to Venice).   For more about Mark Paulda, and his great experiences around the world, please visit his blog - The Gentleman Wayfarer.

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