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Hi! My name is Marius and I'm from Romania. I majored in economics and computer science, and have a college and masters degree in this field. Regarding the audiophile part of me, I started to intensely study this area since several years ago. It’s difficult to get a college degree in this field, since there are only a few universities around the world which have this specialization (from what I know, In Europe, there is a famous one in Denmark, and another in UK). The closest specialization would be electrical engineering, but I wanted something a bit more specific. So instead of going abroad for studies, I decided to study at home in my free time. The things I find important or interesting I write them down on my blog. Here is a list of books I have read, some of them even twice or three times :

1.       Master Handbook of Acoustics by F. Alton Everest, Ken Pohlmann (McGraw Hill Professional, 2009)

2.       Introduction to Sound System Design and Electro-Acoustics by Peter Swarte (DHvV Interactive Lab, 2014)

3.       Audio Engineering Explained by Douglas Self (Taylor & Francis, 2012)

4.       Electroacoustics by Mendel Kleiner (CRC Press, 2013)

5.       The Audio Expert: Everything You Need to Know About Audio by Ethan Winer (Focal Press, 2012)

6.       Electroacoustic Devices: Microphones and Loudspeakers 1st Edition by Glen Ballou (Focal Press, 2009)

7.       The Complete Guide to High-End Audio 5th Edition by Robert Harley  (Acapella Publishing, 2015)

8.       Introduction to Loudspeaker Design: Second Edition by John L. Murphy (True Audio, 2014)

9.       Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms 1st Edition by Floyd Toole, (Focal Press, 2008)

10.   Basic Electricity (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering) 2nd Edition by Bureau of Naval Personnel (Dover Publications, 1970)

11.   Distortion: The Cause Of Harmonics And The Lie Of THD by Dan P. Bullard (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015)

12.   Audio Engineer's Reference Book 2nd Edition by Michael Talbot-Smith (Focal Press, 2001)

13.   Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook 3rd Edition by John Borwick (Focal Press, 2001)

14.   Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 7th Edition by Vance Dickason (Audio Amateur Pubns, 2005)

15.   How to Build Speaker Enclosures by Alexis Badmaieff and Don Davis (Howard W. Sams  & Co, 1966)

16.   Making Sense of Sound by Alvis J. Evans (Prompt Publications, 1992)

17.   Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System with Projects 4th Edition by David Weems (McGraw-Hill Education TAB, 1996)

18.   Testing Loudspeakers by Joseph D'Appolito (Audio Amateur Pubns,1998)

19.   Speaker Building 201: A Comprehensive Course in Speaker Design by Ray Alden (Audio Amateur Pubns, 2004)

20.   Loudspeaker Recipes: Book 1 : Four Two-Way Systems by Vance Dickason (Audio Amateur Pubns, 1994)

21.   The Sound Reinforcement Handbook 2nd Edition by Gary Davis and Ralph Jones (Yamaha, 1988)

The difficult part Is making sense of all the information from a text book, since there is no mentor to guide you. There is a lot of study to be done, when you have a question that needs answering. Hopefully, the courses I’m about to publish, will save you from this ordeal and give you concentrated and easy to digest information.

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