Dr. Margaret Jamal

Nonprofit and Human Services Developer/Instructor

Margaret Jamal, PhD, CPhD, Author, Instructor: Doctorate Human Services and Spiritual Caregiving; Certified in Pastoral Care Giving; Certified Philanthropic Development Officer, Youth Development Practitioner; Founder of the R.A.T.E.S Foundation.

When (R.A.T.E.S.™) emerged out of a community outreach project to help unite businesses, churches and community organizations to meet the needs of the homeless, hungry and neglected children. R.A.T.E.S is an acronym, which stands for Response-ability, Account-ability, Evaluation-ability, and Sustain-ability. R.A.T.E.S.™ principles help to establish a mutually accepted platform of skills and resource development that each participant would commit to learning. This platform allows for an effective synergistic, ane integrated collaboration environment.

Dr. Jamal has extensive Adult Training and Instructional Development experience including providing software and technical training & consulting; Curriculum development for companies including AT&T, Children's World Learning Center; Contract Database & web development for Charles Schwab;

Among her published works, Dr. Jamal has authored guide books for organizational development and resource development. Her titles include: R.A.T.E.S. Principles (Timeless Principles for Successful Nonprofits and Human Services), Faith Legacies-Guide for Faith-based Non-Profits, My Grant Writing Secrets, National Treasures- Foundation Grants, Beware of Wolves- The Rise of Psycho-Spiritual Terrorism in the Church, When Girls Don't Tell.

Dr. Margaret considers her most important responsibilities (privileges) as follows: Ordained Minister, Wife, Mother, Partner (Social service partner with husband). Other Skills include: Curriculum Design, E-Learning Software (Adope Captivate, Audition, Flash,Articulate Storyline, Lectora SNAP); Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop; Grant Writing; Organizational Development and Management, copywriter, talk show host musician/vocalist.

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