Marcy Sproull

Acupuncturist, Teacher, and Reading Specialist

At Integrative Learning Solutions we are committed to providing research-based continuing education for health-care providers and the best in holistic health for consumers at all levels. I'm Marcy Sproull, an acupuncturist, credentialed teacher, and reading specialist. I founded Interative Learning Solutions to help individuals reach their academic potential by addressing the needs of the body, mind, and spirit. 

As an acupuncturist, I work with children and adults with learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, and individuals who just want to improve their cognitive function. As a reading specialist, I work with individuals with specific reading disorders, as well as students who just want to improve their reading and study skills.

I combine techniques that I use in my practice, such as acupressure, mindful meditation, and holistic health perspectives, with learning strategies and executive function skills to create a unique way of helping individuals meeting their goals in school and the workplace, while achieving greater health.

I currently work in private practice, as well as teach reading for a local community college in Southern California.

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