Marc Vanschoenwinkel

International trainer/coach in leadership development

I have an experience of 25 years as a trainer, coach and management consultant in leadership development and change management. I work for different international companies worldwide.

My passion is to develop strong and effective (self)leadership. True professional leadership is something great and fantastic to see.

A summary of what clients tell about me:

A highly professional, human-oriented and engaged coach with a Flemish sense of humour.

Over 25 years of experience as a trainer and coach of individuals, teams and organisations. His power is: he REALLY moves people and leads them to strong output and the realisation of business goals. By making people conscious of their values and behaviour he creates a movement from inside. He focuses on the connection between persons and empowers them by creating an open and respectful atmosphere. He gives direction and if necessary will be confrontational, but always with compassion and empathy.

Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia & Australia

Fluent English, French, Dutch

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