Marcus Carter

The Goal Mentor helps your passion makes cents!

The Goal Mentor Marcus Carter is a Nationally recognized speaker, with designations from the National Speaker Association as well as being the Director of the Chicago chapter of the Public Speakers Association. Marcus is an officer and an award winning member of Toastmasters International. Marcus has published two books and established himself as a thought leader in the field of goal actualization. Marcus has over 7 years of upper level sales management experience with a focus in e-commerce, management, and finance. In 2013 Marcus became CEO of My Ambition Your Ambition or (M.A.Y.A.) which operates on a premise that we all have a moral obligation to live a life of our own design. Marcus's primary focus in business is the plight of the female entrepreneur, the Ladypreneur where he provides instruction and education on short-term revenue generation which provides Ladypreneurs the ability to earn while they build they’re business.

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