Marco Barbaro


Chef Marco Barbaro is the son of Italian immigrant parents who came to the United States in 1955 from Barile, Italy. Chef Marco's father, Vito Barbaro began working in an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn and in short time opened his own restaurant in Yonkers. Through the 60's and 70's, Vito's restaurants gained popularity.

Today, his two sons, Gino and Marco have owned and operated Vito's highly successful trattoria in Mahopac, New York for over twenty years. Sadly, Vito passed away in 2006, but every night when you visit Gino's Trattoria, you will be greeted by his lovely wife Ivana and his sons, Gino and Marco.

Marco Barbaro is the Executive Chef at Gino's Trattoria, along with being a founding partner of the DISH Restaurant Group. He is an award winning chef, receiving recognition from such groups as Best of Hudson, Talk Of The Town and (his favorite) a 5 star rating from the New York State Department of Health for maintaining a kitchen of unmatched standard.

Marco is a proud husband and father of three daughters.

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