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My name is Manoj and my full name is Manoranjan Chand. I was born in Orissa, India. From the childhood I had a strong desire to practice yoga. But because I was living in small village, I didn't have an opportunity to start my practice until I arrived to Kerala. From this place my spiritual journey starts.

I attended Shivananda Ashram in Kerala. After some time I became a certified yoga teacher. From that day I could teach and share my knowledge with others.

Later on I graduated from Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, improved and strengthened my skills. Studying in Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga, changed my approach to teaching little bit. It became more profound and professional. My classes became more traditional with a piece of some vedic philosophy.

I'm working as a yoga teacher in Pathanjali Ayurvedic Resort for last 6 years. I also have some knowledge in Ayurveda (indian traditional medicine), which helps me in my yoga practice. I'm sharing with this knowledge with my students which help them to adapt yoga asanas individually according to the features of their bodies.

I have a desire to share my knowledge with people who are interested in yoga and I'm willing to expand my horizons through giving these practices worldwide.

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