Mohammad Ala Tahhan

Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Multimedia Developer

Basically, my specialization is interior design with over 10 years of experience. However, my deep love for learning every single day made me neat in several fields such as graphic design, multi-media development and everything related to computer software, the Internet in general and design software in particular, and even in the fields of self-development, psychology and philosophy. Also I have a big interest in website design recently.

Have and said that, it is not only about learning, as my huge passion for teaching motivated me to create unique methods of teaching different from others. The nature of my teaching methods depends mainly on student's skills and senses. Each time I teach I feel so excited and what excites me more are the marvelous results that my students reach, and that has been happening for over 7 years.

I wanted my first course with Udemy to be my field of specialization as an introduction to interior design

However, I prepared a brilliant program for subsequent courses full of fun, excitement and scientific benefits with new and innovative ways in order to learn easily and quickly.

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