Mac Piechota

Creative Entrepreneur, Brand Consultant

I'm a creative entrepreneur. I earned my first 1000$ online at age 15 by flipping clothes on eBay. What I noticed was, that t-shirt with low quality pictures were sold much cheaper than same t-shirt with glossy images. So I started buying these underpriced products, taking new pictures and reselling them for profits. That was the first time I realised, that people really judge book by its cover.

After graduating from Business School (Poland&Australia) I started my career as a marketing manager of newly created precious metal company - Bessergold - and took it from scratch to 7 figures business within less than one year.

I didn’t like the idea of trading metals for the rest of my life, so I decided to pursue my real passion - building new brands. I started with my family casket manufacturing business (yes, these caskets) - Piechota Coffins - and turned it into No. 1 premium brand on the local market - see my portfolio for details.

Currently, I work as a freelance brand consultant for companies across Europe with strong focus on small businesses and startups. If not working, I travel the world with backpack and my lovely girlfriend. 

So, nice to meet you!


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