Lynn Marie Sager

Teacher, Author, Thespian

I am told that this is where I must explain my expertise and explain to you why you should trust me to teach you.

Well, I cannot explain that in 300 words.

I can say that I have been a teacher for over twenty-five years, and when it comes to influence, I have learned more from my students than I did from the many books we read together. That might be why I wrote my own book, "A River Worth Riding: Fourteen Rules for Navigating Life." Dare I mention that it has recievd multiple five stars on Kindle and Amazon? My course on Udemy has also received multiple five star reviews.

Ultimately, you need to decide for yourself, so I invite you to visit my website---here is the address: Once there, you will get a chance to get to know me and decide for yourself if I am the teacher for you. Hope to meet you there, and I look forward to any questions you have.