Video Producer and Consultant Luc Bouchard

Owner of Bare Bones Video Productions

With over 300 videos to my credit (most of which are across three YouTube Channels), I have been creating videos for the past four years.  Although I thoroughly enjoy creating video content, something I take greater pleasure in is helping others find their “video voice” and craft their core message.  I’ve have been told on numerous occasions that I have the ability to help my clients find clarity and get un-stuck from the beliefs which hold them back from living life to the fullest. 

I decided to put my course: Producing High Performance Video Content on Udemy because of all the course about making videos which are offered by them, none dealt with all the “video making the moving parts,” as I have in mine, which has over three hours of video content in it.   I’m very proud of my course and it took far longer to create than I had anticipated, but I’m very happy that I’ve finished it and it is now accessible to anyone who wishes to enroll in it.

Go check out my course introductions, they are free and will give you a good idea who I am and my style of instruction.

All the best


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