Luanga Nuwame

Game designer, blogger, author and creative cardboard artist

Luanga ‘Lue’ Nuwame is an accomplished online instructor of how-to videos on cardboard crafts, inventions, game designs and general novelties. His award-winning and world record achieving You Tube channel The Homemade Game Guru has entertained and inspired over 4,000,000+ unique visitors worldwide with creative ideas and a simple approach to innovation with everyday materials.

He is an experienced game designer with products such as the 3D board game adventure Superpowerful Bonanza and the card game Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars on the market. Luanga is also a published author of a children’s book (Adventures of Clumsy Little Petalianne) and short stories (Hi! My Name is Karma) in addition to being a contributor to Make Magazine’s online portal Make Zine.

Luanga’s numerous creations and his Homemade Game Guru channel have been featured in media worldwide including Inventor’s Digest, The Toronto Star, CNN, The New York Post, Table Top Gaming News, Bleeding Cool, Yahoo News, The Daily Telegraph (UK), The Miami Times and on XM Radio.

Most importantly, Luanga is a proud dad of his little 2-year-old tornado of energy and creativity - daughter Azura.

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